Vertagen Solutions, Inc. provides technical services in the web, software, and database arenas.

Our team is highly skilled in web design as well as web application development for data driven businesses. The design and development is only the beginning for a well-rounded web product; We provide ongoing maintenance of sites as well as pre-packaged tools to allow the customer to automate such maintenance and take control where desired. In addition, we provide search engine optimization and consultation to seek out web traffic.

When a web solution is not a correct fit, or a web solution needs server or desktop applications integration, our team draws from many years of software experience to craft a solution to bridge the gap.

Databases are the cornerstone of any data-driven application, and employing the right architecture is crucial to the success of the entire system. Our team architects and implements optimal design for efficiency and speed while targetting the realistic needs of the application. We understand that no single database solution fits all scenarios, and we have a great deal of experience in data design and analysis to build the cornerstone that is perfect for your system.

Bottom line: Our services focus on providing the best sofware experience for our customers. We work closely with our customers to analyze and improve existing processes and architect new solutions.