Vertagen Solutions Latest News:

9.1.2012 -

Vertagen Solutions launches 22 new Health & Wellness sites

This September, we wrapped up launching 22 new Health & Wellness sites, including our previously announced National Health File site. These sites follow the trend set by our other Health & Wellness sites, to assist users in finding health professionals and health information in their area. We firmly believe that the presence of local health resources is of great value to our users, and their response over the years has confirmed this. We sincerely hope that our users continue to find our tools useful, accurate, and responsive in finding local health profressionals and local health data. Don't forget to visit our full catalog of Health and Wellness Tools.

7.5.2012 -

Vertagen Solutions launches new Health Research site

We are proud to announce our newest venture in health research, National Health File. This is a free site that has pulled together health data from the United States from all counties and states to form one simple means of basic health research. The site compares different county health statistics against past performance over the years, national averages from other counties, and national averages per state. We have enjoyed working with this data so far because that's what we love to do, so we are excited to share this with anyone interested in this area of health research. Take some time and check out your county and state at National Health File and see how it stacks up against other areas! While you're at it, be sure and check out our other Health and Wellness Tools!

10.20.2007 -

Vertagen Solutions launches series of Online Education Tools

Vertagen Solutions has launched a series of online education tools for web users. These tools assist in finding colleges, universities, or other specialty schools, while providing rich community features. The tools are intended to not only aid in finding schools, but also to allow visitors to help each other with advice from posted messages and votings to rank schools. Click to read more about the Education Tools.

6.5.2007 -

Vertagen Solutions enhances community tools with voting and comments

Vertagen Solutions has launched enhancements to it's Health and Wellness and Relocation Tools to allow visitors to contribute to the community. The enhancements allow users to rate professionals in each industry by casting votes, and post comments about professionals for others to read. These enhancements are another step into making the Health and Wellness and Relocation Tools into communities that provide personal information for visitors. Click to read more about the Health and Wellness Tools or the Relocation Tools

5.1.2007 -

Vertagen Solutions expands Health and Wellness Tools

Vertagen Solutions has launched more sites to join the Health and Wellness Tools. These tools assist users in finding doctors and medical professionals in cities across the United States. New sites now included in the Health and Wellness Tools are:

2.18.2007 -

Vertagen Solutions launches Health and Wellness Tools

Vertagen Solutions is launching a series of Health and Wellness Tools to assist users in finding doctors and medical professionals in cities across the United States. This series of tools is being launched due to the success of the Relocation Services Tools launched in January 2007. Sites included in the Health and Wellness Tools are:

1.1.2007 -

Vertagen Solutions launches Relocation Service Tools

Vertagen Solutions is launching a series of Relocation Services and Tools to assist users in finding relocation information about cities in the United States. Sites included in the Relocation Services are:

8.2.2006 -

Vertagen Solutions launches Real Estate Agent Directory

The Cut Above Realty Agents directory was designed and implemented by Vertagen Solutions in Summer of 2006 to help home buyers find realtors on the web for free.

7.22.2005 -

Vertagen Solutions launches Online Flight School Directory

Best Flight Schools is a directory site that helps flight students find a local flight school. This site marks the first of several directory sites planned by Vertagen.

5.20.2005 -

Development nears completion for Auto-dealer Service Center Scheduling Application

Net Profit Technology Solutions and Vertagen team up again to develop new Scheduling and Appointment System for the automotive industry. An advanced prototype is slated for completion in late May, and a final version should be available for purchase in early June.
Click Here for More Information about the Scheduling and Appointment System

1.17.2005 - Development Begins on New Tablet PC Solution
Net Profit Technology Solutions and Vertagen team up to develop new Tablet PC solution for the automotive industry. The solution will provide service forms to the tablets over wireless networks allowing auto service centers to streamline service operations. A pre-release version will be on display in New Orleans at the NADA 2005 convention at the end of January 2005 and a version one of the product is slated for late March.
Click Here for More Information about the Tablet PC Solution

1.8.2005 - AppointmentNet Doctor Locator Site Launch
Vertagen Solutions completes development of web based appointment scheduling and prescription system for AppointmentNet.

AppointmentNet provides patients a quick and accurate doctor search from a database of 700,000 doctors across the United States.

Other features include the ability to ask doctors questions, schedule appointments, and request prescriptions. Patients use the site for free, and doctors are allowed premium listings for a monthly fee.

Click Here to Find a Doctor at AppointmentNet!

10.15.2004 - Commercial Flyer Exchange Launch
Vertagen Solutions partners with Litho Publishing to provide the commercial real estate industry with a tool for sharing property flyers in PDF format.

The Commercial Flyer Exchange allows consumers to search a database of PDFs based on regional and business specific criteria. The site is built to host data nationwide and is planning to host 20,000 flyers by the end of 2004.

Check out the Commercial Flyer Exchange to find out more about this project.